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My latest foodie discovery near Retford, North Notts

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I made a great discovery a couple of weeks ago when I was driving back home from a visit to Retford -  a wonderful fruit and vegetable stall in the centre of Sutton cum Lound village.  It was stocked with such an amazing array of fresh, seasonal vegetables, salads and fruits that I had to stop and buy some!


Fruity Veg fruit and vegetable stall at Sutton cum Lound

The stall stands outside Sutton cum Lound Village Hall in the open air, with plenty of space for people to shop comfortably without getting close up, which is very reassuring.  It’s brilliant too, to be able to get fruit & veg without having to go into a supermarket, and most of the fruit, salad and veg are from local farms, which means it’s very fresh, hasn’t travelled many miles and we’re supporting local people and businesses.

It’s run by a lovely young couple, Jo and Jamie who are very welcoming and friendly. They started Fruityveg when lockdown struck as Jamie could no longer run his normal business and he was going stir-crazy at home!  Jo too was at home, having been furloughed, so Jamie had the idea of providing a valuable service and keep himself, and Jo, busy.

They love their stall and are very proud of how it’s grown over the months and, although they are both now back at work full time, they continue to run it, every Saturday morning, as they enjoy seeing familiar friendly faces and getting to know their regular customers and welcoming new ones like me!

I couldn’t recommend them more – we really enjoyed my first purchases and were so impressed with the freshness and quality that I returned last Saturday and bought lots more! – fresh beetroot cut only the evening before(!), radishes, cherries, English strawberries, pears, cucumber, spring onions, potatoes and more.

If you’d like to enjoy the freshest and most flavoursome fruit & vegetables and fresh eggs, why not pop into Sutton cum Lound next Saturday morning any time between 8.30am to 2pm.  Look out for the Village Hall on your right as you drive through the village from Retford direction.  If you do go, please say hello to Jo and Jamie from me, Alison!


Fruityveg.club Stall run by Jo and Jamie.  Open every Saturday morning from 8.30am to 2pm in the centre of Sutton cum Lound village.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fruityvegclub

They also do a fruit & veg box delivery service in our region: https://fruityveg.club/

fresh veg 1000

Their Fruit & Veg stall product list changes with the season, but here’s what they offered on their stall in late June:

Freshly picked strawberries   Salad potatoes Spinach
Pink grapefruit Washed white potatoes    Red/white cabbage 
Pink lady apple Baking potatoes Spring cabbage
Golden delicious Sweet potatoes Garlic
Bananas Swede Radish
Peach Carrots Courgette
Orange Red/ white onion Leek
Pineapple Cauliflower Aubergine
Yellow Melon Broccoli Cucumber
Apricot Mixed bell peppers Beetroot bunch
Raspberries Mushrooms Honey
Blueberries Spring onions Free range eggs
Mango Vine baby tomatoes  
Avocado Tomatoes  
Pears Baby Gem lettuce  
Lemons Iceberg lettuce  


Lunch at The Gate Inn, Sutton cum Lound

While you’re in Sutton, why not enjoy a delicious lunch at The Gate Inn?  https://the-gate-inn.co.uk/ 

They offer a wide range of dishes to suit all tastes.  Pre-booking is essential.


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