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Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions are provided below.  If you're unable to find the answer to your question please drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

1. What region does In North Notts cover?

As we hope the name indicates, In North Notts is aimed at everyone who lives, works or visits the north of Nottinghamshire – anywhere from Newark northwards.

Being based near Retford, we tend to have a stronger presence in the very north of the county, with more local events, classes, courses, clubs, groups, etc. listed, but we welcome entries from everyone and everywhere in the region.

We want to spread the word about everything in North Notts! That said, even if you’re just over the border in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire or south Nottinghamshire, we also welcome your listings as folk do sometimes want to venture further than our lovely county!

2. Is it true there’s no charge for adding my events?

Yes, it’s totally true! We don’t charge and will never charge you to add your own events on to In North Notts.

Our logic is that by providing a central hub where people can easily find out what’s going on, more people get to know about local events, activities, classes, clubs, etc. and more people attend them. This benefits everyone in the region in 4 ways:

1. extra footfall and attendance helps to make your events more successful, and

2. this results in more income for you to invest in your charity, class, club or organisation, and

3. the more successful your events, the more likely you are to hold future events - so local event-goers have even more things to do, and

4. as well as a lot of happy people, an important by-product is that means money stays in the local economy to benefit everyone in North Notts.

All we ask is that you add your own events – it's easy to do – and that leaves us the time to promote them as often as we can through social media and in our regular newsletters.

3. How do you fund In North Notts if it’s all free? It sounds too good to be true!

Will you start charging in the future?

It’s quite simple – and it’s not the ideal business model for Dragon’s Den investors!

I wanted to give back to my community and, not being particularly good with either elderly folk or children, I decided the best way I could help was to fill a gap by creating a central hub of key information to benefit everyone in the region. I had the time, knowledge and ability and decided to use my own funds to make it happen.

Because it’s something I want everyone to use, enjoy and benefit from I decided to make it free. The What’s On Events directory, together with the Classes & Courses and the Clubs, Groups and Organisations directories will always be free.

To support these 3 free directories, additional ‘paid-for’ directories will be launched soon, with very affordable rates so that even the smallest start-up business can take advantage of them.

4. Can I use all three directories (Clubs, Classes and Events) at the same time - for free?

(I help to run a local sports club and we run classes for our members which are open to the public and we also hold occasional fundraising events.)

Yes – it’s not only true - we positively encourage it! The more everyone uses In North Notts the bigger and better it becomes!

5. Can businesses add their events or is it just for charities and good causes?

Yes, anyone can add an event – businesses, communities, schools, venues, hotels, pubs, clubs, classes, etc. and, of course, charities and good causes. We are delighted to promote almost every type of event – as long as it’s in or on the borders of North Nottinghamshire and is decent and legal.

Sorry, we can't currently list offers or promotions for the businesses themselves, but if you’re a business holding a workshop, a seminar, an open day, charity or fundraising event or similar, then we would love to help you by showcasing it.

6. EVENTS - How do I Amend, Delete, Unpublish or Copy & Edit an Event?

6.  EVENTS - How do I Amend, Delete, Unpublish or Copy & Edit an Event?
We've created a simple guide to help you manage your Events. Like most things, it's easy when you know how, so here's how! View and download the guide here.

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We will send you the best upcoming events directly to your inbox. Give it a go - it's free.

Agree to terms

We will send you the best upcoming events directly to your inbox. Give it a go - it's free.


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