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Welcome to In North Notts Website

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Welcome to In North Notts Website

Welcome to in North Notts, North Nottinghamshire’s very own What’s On and things to do website.

We've specially created in North Notts to help you discover and enjoy all the events and things to do in your local town or village and right across the region - all in one place.

North Notts is a beautiful part of England to live in and we're fortunate to have loads of great events going on every day of the year helping us get to know and enjoy the region. Sometimes, though, it's difficult to be aware of what's happening on our own doorstep, let alone in the next town or village, so that's why we came up with the idea of a North Nottinghamshire What's On website.

Something for everyone
You'll find hundreds of events and things to do, with more being added to the site every day. There are events for people of all ages and interests - children’s events, family friendly events, charity events, community events, music, arts & entertainment events, food and drink events, sports events, business events, seasonal events such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas, and lots more.

Helping events organisers
We also wanted to help Venues and Events Organisers get even more people along to their events - the more successful they are, the more likely they will be held again, and again - which means everybody in the whole community benefits.

Whether you're part of a School, Charity, Church, Library, Town Organisation, Community or Village Hall, Local Attraction, Hotel, Restaurant, Pub or Cafe, Entertainment or Sports Venue, etc, you're very welcome to add your events to in North Notts and get them noticed by more people.

The idea of listing local Events isn’t new, but this one is different because in North Notts is a dedicated What’s On & Things to Do guide, created specifically for that purpose, for our region. It’s also different because it has been privately and independently created, and is run on a not-for-profit basis, making it accessible and free for everyone to use.

This means that in North Notts is totally free for Venues and Events Organisers to add all their events to the site and, as well as showcasing their events, we also promote those events even further through social media - all totally free! If this applies to you, then please do use the website and add your events.


We hope you like the website and will return again soon. Please tell your friends and family about in North Notts too because the more people who visit and use the website will ensure its growth and continued success, meaning we can continue to help everyone in the community.

We also welcome feedback and suggestions as to how we can improve and develop the site, so please do let us know what you like and don’t like about the site and any new sections you’d like to have.

Thanks for reading - and have a fabulous day in North Notts!

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We will send you the best upcoming events directly to your inbox. Give it a go - it's free.

Agree to terms

We will send you the best upcoming events directly to your inbox. Give it a go - it's free.


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