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Sherwood Nordic Walking

  • Various including Thoresby Park and Langold Country Park
  • Nottinghamshire
  • CONTACT 1:
  • Tracy Hall
  • Nordic Walking UK Instructor
  • 07891932782

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    Sherwood Nordic Walking

    Club/Group Details

    Nordic Walking is really taking off throughout the UK and once you give it a try you won't look back.

    It is all about using a pair of specially designed poles to enhance your natural walk. The poles are used in such a way that they propel you forward, help you walk quicker, more upright and give you a real spring in your step. Using the poles and your upper body to walk eases any potential impact on your joints, especially your knees, ankles and lower back. As an activity nordic walking is suitable for all abilities and ages, from the sedentary to the super fit. 

    For those who already have experience of nordic walking and want to join in on my group walks, I offer conversion sessions in which we can chat about your technique and I can explain Nordic Walking UK terminology and teaching method. Everyone who completes the techniqe course or conversion session successfully earns a FREEDOM passport which gives a year's FREE membership to Nordic Walking UK. The passport unlocks walks throughout the UK and membership gives you discounts at partner retailers.

    I am proud to deliver Nordic Walking UK's 4-gear programme which is a structured, proven and effective way to learn the nordic walking technique.

    Additional Information

    As well as regular taster sessions I am running learn to nordic walk courses at Thoresby Park on the second Monday of every month and at Langold Country Park on different days.  

    There are regular walk at Thoresby Park every Monday and regular Friday walks from numerous locations including Langold Country Park.

    For full information and to book onto a course or walk visit my website or have a look at www.nordicwalking.co.uk.

    Suitable For
    Adults | Seniors

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