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Let's Sing

  • Let's Sing
  • The Well, Retford
  • Hospital Road
  • Retford
  • Nottinghamshire
  • DN22 7BD
  • CONTACT 1:
  • Jessica Brett
  • Professional Singer
  • 01777 712629

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  • Let's Sing

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    Let’s sing FAQ’s

    What exactly do you do?
    First of all we have a chat/ play - We make time at the start for everyone to have a chat and catch up with a drink. An important time for us all - Social interaction with a very relaxed and welcoming group of people of all ages. We then have music, singing, chair dancing, instrument play etc. Half way through we have a break for another drink before starting again with more music, singing and fun

    Who can come along? 
    ANYONE can come along! The youngest we’ve had at class was just 6 days old and the oldest was in their 90’s. We are honestly like a little family and we love meeting new people! 

    Are toddlers asked to sit the whole time?
    No of course not. Our older members absolutely love watching the younger ones dancing, playing and joining in with instruments etc. We often find the older ones prefer the nursery rhymes and the toddlers prefer the 40’s classics! If 2 hours is a little too long please feel free to come for half of the session instead. 

    Is the group welcome to new Mums?
    YES! There is some lovely comfy sofas and chairs perfect for feeding and plenty of friendly people to hold baby if you'd like your drink while it's still hot or a wee in peace

    Do I need to be able to sing?
    Everyone sings as loud or as quiet (or not at all) as they like. The music is such a pick me up so just being in a safe, friendly environment with music and no judgement really lifts your spirits.
    P.S I believe everyone can sing! 

    Do I need to book?
    No need to book just come along - only come when you can and if you are late or need to leave early do so at your own leisure! 

    What refreshments do you get? 
    2 x drinks (hot or cold), biscuits, chocolates and child friendly snacks for little ones.

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