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Clarborough & Welham IT Group

  • Clarborough & Welham IT Group
    Clarborough & Welham IT Group
    Greg Herdman
  • PHONE:
    01777 700 918
  • Clarborough Village Hall
  • Main Street
  • Clarborough
  • Retford
  • Nottinghamshire
  • DN22 9LN

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  • Clarborough & Welham IT Group

    Date(s) & Times

    Classes run in 5-week blocks of 90 minutes sessions at a total fee of £20.

    Classes run on Tuesday afternoon (13:30-15:00) or Wednesday mornings (10:00-11:30). Choose one of these for your 5-week programme.

    Tutor, Greg, aims to start each session 'on-the-dot' so members usually arrive at Clarborough Village Hall around 10 minutes before lessons are scheduled to start.

    Members can either bring their own Windows 10 laptop or use one of our IT Group's laptops. Please let us know which you'd prefer when enroling.

    Current 5-week blocks of lessons run on the above days/times starting on:

    w/c 24th February, 2020

    w/c 20th April, 2020

    w/c 15th June, 2020

    w/c 31st August, 2020

    w/c 2nd November, 2020

    w/c 4th January, 2021

    Further dates - currently through to July, 2021, can be found on our Group website's Calendar section.

    Class/Course Details

    Classes start with a 'Gardeners' Question Time' which allows members to drive sessions in their own preferred directions.

    We start with getting-to-know-your-keyboard and then explore such topics as keyboard skills/document creations, file system and file saving before moving onto the online scene. Personal security comes high on our guidance programme before looking at the topic of e-mails and attachments (adding them and downloading them).

    We also have considerable experience in getting members into the use of spreadsheets and also presentation (Powerpoint-like) applications.

    At least one worksheet is provided for each session - and sometimes several - so a folder for filing makes sense. We also recommend members bring a notepad and pen or pencil since however well constructed our worksheets might be, you can bet that someone in the group will have a shortcut to recommend or something else will be discovered by everyone! A flash drive/memory stick is also a useful addition - particularly if you'd like to take home items for your desktop PC.

    Further Details

    Clarborough Village Hall's (DN22 9LN) entrance is directly opposite the Kings Arms pub on Main Street, Clarborough (the A620 heading towards Gainsborough). The Hall iteself is set well back from the road so can be easily missed when passing by. The driveway is well signed for the large car park at the rear of the building.

    The Hall is a single level, easy access building making access easy even for those with mobility issues.

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